Barn Dog

I would like everyone to meet Jake. 

Jake is my Guatemalan street dog, He first adopted me in early October 2016. I was camping at the tourist police compound in Antigua, Guatemala, there were a few dogs that use to hang out and come and go. One dog decided he would follow me one day (not really a big deal as I have been followed by dogs before). This particular dog would follow me everyday, stay with me when I was camping, sleep by the Land Rover and even go back to the car if he lost me in town. 

As time went on everywhere I went he would follow, even it was just to go for a coffee he would come and lay by my feet. 

Jake had been with me for a couple of weeks proving he was a loyal, sweet and good tempered dog. I thought it was only fair to get him checked out by a vet. I went to Vet Pro in Antigua. JP the owner of Vet Pro was wonderful giving this street dog a clean bill of health (he didn't have a name at that point). 

I really didn't want to see Jake back on the street so I set about trying to find him a home. I bought him a collar and lead. He chose them! I posted photos on the local Facebook page. By this point he had been with me for quite a while now and every one who know me knew him. Everyone was telling me that he was my dog and that I have to keep him! Well on two separate occasions I met people who wanted to see the dog and try him out. So both times I walked to meet them, handed the lead over and tried walking away. As soon as the dog realized I wasn't there he would Sid down and refuse to move until I came back. Hummm bugger!!! Now what! 

It was about this time I was looking to go to California to see some friends. 

Well the friends I was going to see just so happen to have an Arabian Horse farm. They told me I was more than welcome to bring him up. So I went back to see JP at vet pro who was amazing as always. I decided to get all his shots done, a health certificate act. In order to fly with him I was able to get him a passport and certified. I also learned he was around a year old and a cross between a Golden retriever and Australian Shepherd. I am also sure he has got a mix of something else thrown in there somewhere. 

Well thats it... I guess I have a dog now! Jake just became the latest addition to the adventure! 

Where did the name Jake come from?

Well I was talking to the police one day about him and how long he had been hanging out around there. They told me they had named him as they did with a few other dogs that hung out around there. Thats when they told me they had named him Jake. So just out of respect I decided to keep the name, and well lets face it, I like the story.