When is a border crossing not a border crossing?

It's finally time to leave Antigua. I left early to make my way to the El Salvedoran border. 

It was around Midday when I pulled up. I had my passport stamped and then went to the SAT office to get the car cleared. It took a couple of hours as half way through doing my paper work they decided to go for lunch. So now there was nothing to do but wait. It was then I found out that a couple of friends had crossed the border a couple of hours before ma and were in the same position on the El Salvedor border. The border had closed for lunch on them too. 

On my end when lunch was finally over, one of the SAT officers had decided my papers were an issue as the car was over on its TIP (temporary Import Permit). So they gave me this long talk on how it was going to cost 900 usd. Hummm I call B*&^%$#T! Well as its on the SAT website if your vehicle is over there is a flat rate fine of $75 usd. They explained they couldn't bring the form etc. One of them then took me into the back office and told me if I paid them 100 usd in cash they would just stamp my paperwork and I would be free to go! Yep thats about as illegal as you get buy hey sometimes corruption just works. 

That's it, I'm finally out of Guatemala. I am now at the El Salvadoran border. Friends are still here as they only just completed their papers. So all I have to do now is get stamped and the vehicle papers done and we will hit the road together. 

Well Just like that everything changes!!!!

I have just been shut down from entering El Salvedor. Not allowing right hand drives in to the country is in solid effect. Nothing I could think of could get me in..... Now my only option is to turn around and head back to Guatemala. I said my goodbyes to friends as I headed back across the border and they continued their journey in to El Salvedor. I now had to deal with the Guatemalan border again and unsure if they would let me re enter. 

Well it turned out they did let me re enter. They gave me my papers back or at least most of them as I later found out. 

So I am now back on the road to Antigua. to make another plan!

Ohh but its not over yet. I got caught up in two hours of standstill traffic! It turned out to be a bus that had been traveling to fast (as they all do) and had ended up rolling on a corner. 

I finally made it back to Antigua around 8:30pm. Beers and a Burger was defiantly needed after that day!