Happy New year from Banff, Canada  2 January 2012

Happy New year from Banff, Canada 

2 January 2012

Happy New year one and all... 

I decided to see what the famous mountain town in the Rockies had to offer. Over the last few days I have been snowboarding in some breath tacking scenery with veiws that make you feel like your on top of the world.
I had a wonderful New year with an amazing street party as midnight hit. it was great to see so many people out enjoying them selves in the sub zero climate. Good on you all!!!
It has been a great stay here and met some fantastic people. 
Michael took me on a tour of the Spectacular Banff springs hotel, as well as telling me a few ghost stories along the way, as well as being told that this hotel inspired the movie "the Shinning" its all great stuff :D

As for me on the 4th I will make my way back to Golden where I hope to spend the rest of the season.
On the way back I plan to call into Lake Louise for a bit of boarding and to see the spectacular frozen lake in the Rockies...

I'll keep you all posted on the season

Just to say a big thank you to all my new friends over the last couple of weeks for making this time of year so special for me as it has been a long time since I have seen my family and friends and I do miss them all very much and do think of them all.

Missing you all xxx