Flying Yukon 5 July 2012

Flying Yukon

5 July 2012 


After spending time in the Yukon now, people often ask how I would describe life up here in the far north of Canada.... Well for starters there are 31,500 people in a place roughly the size of Spain!!! The main reason for staying for so long is I randomly stumbled upon an opportunity to work with Wilderness Fishing Yukon which all started wile staying at a campsite and was asked by the owners husband if I wanted to give him a hand with his plane... well obviously I jumped at the chance! The plane is a Cessna 180 float plane and after a few days of getting it ready for the season it was time to take of foe the first time, that day also answered a question I have always had. "How do you get a float plane from the airport(ground) to the lake(water)?", well this is how..... I was lucky enough to drive the truck, it was an incredible day and the start of what would be some unforgettable memories of flying, fishing, laughing all in the company of some truly wonderful people. Last year in 2011 Robson Green came out to an episode of his extreme fishing series It's an incredible lifestyle here with more wilderness than you can possibly want people hear really do know how to survive and thanks to Bernard Stehelin I am learning the Yukon way...