Banff to Jasper 18 April 2012

Banff to Jasper

18 April 2012 

Here we go again, leaving Banff Heading to Jasper via the famous Ice Feild Parkway!
It has been a long time since I traveled this the Parkway. I Last drove this road at the end of November, i must say what a difference, compared to last time! The road is now clear and dry with most view points open. Its a stunning place to see and just be, I think we drove through at the perfect time of year with mostly sunny skys, dry and clear roads and no tourists as far as the eye could see.......... ohhh yehhhhh!!!! 

We arrived in Jasper around 6:30 pm to stay with friends of Christian. As we where all starving including Cati and Skender who we were staying with we went straight down to the bar where they had Wednesday wings a basket of chicken wings for $2:50!

I was still so excited about being back on the road for the next part of the advfenture.....

A Big thank you to Cati and Skender for putting us up the night!