25 April 2013  Returning to Canada 

25 April 2013 

Returning to Canada 

After what has seemed far too long I have finally arrived back in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory in northern Canada. 

The last few weeks have seemed a little like a whirlwind with finishing the house for renting, packing and organising parts for the Land Rover. But even with all the stress over the last months, leaving was made so much easier with help of my great Cornish friends. So For all that helped…… James, Clegg, Rob and Ben I thank you. I would also like to thank Philip Martin estate agents for doing a great job handling the house. 

It’s back to London to say fare well to the family. It has been wonderful being able to spend quality time with everyone since returning to the UK. 

I can’t really comment on the flight as it was just one of these cheap ones that get you every way they can!!! 

Calgary…….. It was great to touch back down on Canadian soil. It was made even better by being mat at the airport by Morgane from Whitehorse who had relocated down south with her new husband Matt. 

It was a gentle ease back into Canadian life by spending a couple of days at Morgane and Matt’s house. While I was trying to figure out a flight back to Calgary I met one of Morgane’s friends Emily who just happened to mention that she was driving back home to Whitehorse, so with that plans were made for me to join her for the drive back. 

At the end of two long days driving (well I say driving that is I was in the passenger seat while Emily drove) I’m here…… I’m finally back in Whitehorse, it’s such a great feeling being back amongst wonderful friends! 

So wonderful being greeted by a smiling Amanda and the kids, although I had no time at all to think as it was straight out the door to a family party celebrating two joint birthdays!!! 

I could even say “I’m home”