13 May 2011  Atyrau – Beyneu

13 May 2011  Atyrau – Beyneu

268miles 6hours 11minutes

Waking a little later than planned I and feeling like I could have stayed there a little longer! Still after a fantastic shower I was feeling good. Full English was on offer for breakfast but thinking my stomach couldn’t take this I just opted for some cereal and pancakes. 

We were off leaving the city behind us heading out back onto the steppe. Miles passed the scenery didn’t we were in the desert. Even though we were miles from anywhere we were never far from a train line. Its not a desert is hard to explain, with tufts grass all over the place but was just incredibly flat. I must admit I do love this feeling of remoteness I’m getting at the moment. 

We stopped at a small group of morsaliams that were in fact very grand and just unbelievably in the middle of know where. I would later on in the trip find out that this was common across Kazakhstan. I t was a relatively easy drive with the roads being considerably better than Russia… well for the time being anyway. After a few hours on the road the rain came in and did it just. It was my first taste of what the rain was like out hear but at least it didn’t last that long but even so it turned the road into a lake. It was early afternoon when we arrived in the small town/village of Beyneu. We had some details of a local man who was expecting us as Walter (a seasoned traveller) had stayed with him before. It was a small yard with a few buses and cars about all being worked on by a couple of mechanics. It was hard to work out whom who was around hear but Locha was such a kind man who was very hospitable. It was a great place…. well I thought it was anyway. There were a couple of girls running around the place who ran the kind of dinner I suppose you could call it. They did local food that was really filling and was so good. 

We were put up for the night in a small bunk room which turned out to be one of the best nights sleep I had.