11 May 2011 D17 Volgograd – Astrakhan

11 May 2011

D17 Volgograd – Astrakhan

267miles 7 hours 34 minutes

I woke after having to be honest a rubbish night's sleep. Breakfast was at 8am and we were on the road waving goodbye to Volgograd by 9am. As we left the city, the weather and traffic was rubbish. Once out of the city it was a bizzare landscape; almost post apocalyptic with the abandoned buildings, some new that they had just left halfway through the build, along with the endless miles of power lines. After a wile all this changed to nothing, yeh that’s right, nothing! For 200 miles or so with the exception of a few villages it was all just open plain.

Still, the roads were better and fewer cars so all in all a relaxing drive, by the end with it being sunny and hot too. As this is still westen Russia and not the best place to camp as being advised by other travellers we picked our way through the streets of Astrikhan to a small guest house. 

Even though it wasn’t a hard drive and maybe it was because I had a bad night sleep I’m just feeling exhausted. Just reflecting over the last few weeks but also realiseing that I am indeed missing family and all my friends back home. You are all with me through my travels. 

I had a beer and dumplings for dinner and Simon had gulash. Feeling so much better with a good feed it was time for bed!