10 May 2011 Last day in Volgograd

10 May 2011 

Last day in Volgograd

We didn’t have much on the agenda today, so after a lie in and breakfast we had a little catch up on the diary front. Ilya came around at 11am and with his help I was able to go shopping for supplies for the next few days. 
We sorted a few things out including our Russian SIM cards before the afternoon.

As Ilya had to go to university for a few hours from 2pm. We spent an hour or so checking over the vehicles levels, greasing most things that move. 

That night we were to say our goodbyes to Suzie who was leaving to fly back to the UK. To Ilya and Sophia who had both been so welcoming and giving up so much of their time over the last three days and to Dan the Norweigen journalist who has a 7am flight. 

It was a wonderful way to say goodbye over dinner and all being together was a special way to say goodbye.

It was just Simon and I now, both feeling tired it was time to hit the hay.