Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Waterloo-Adenau (Nurburgring)

171 Miles
6 Hours 54 mins

Another sunny warm start to the day. It was only going to be a short drive 8 or 9 miles to the site of the Battle of Waterloo. It was a little slow as it was still rush hour, but once the Butte Du Lion, an amazing sight with a 28 ton lion on top of the mound. It was built between 1824-1826 with 225 steps to the top.

We left around 10.30am to make our way to the Nurburgring. It was very flat as we headed through Belgium, driving through very beautiful riverside city of Liege. It was incredibly busy taking us a fair while to weave and duck our way through. It was an odd drive, going from very flat farmland to very dramatic twisty roads heading in to the Eifel mountains, with very steep inclines and ascents through forests incorporating hairpin bends at almost every turn, mixed in with barrow roads, great fun in any sports car or on a bike as Simon will confirm, it made very interesting driving in a loaded Land Rover which kept me on my toes, as Susie will confirm!

We got to our hotel in Adenau which just happens to be right next to the track. We dumped our bags and dashed to the loo before we all clambered into the Land Rover and headed up to the Visitors Centre of the track, not much to go on as the museum was really just for kids. After dinner we sat on the balcony writing our journals, a perfect end to a glorious day.