Friday 29 April 2011 (Royal Wedding Day!)  A day in Prague – a city worth losing yourself in……

Friday 29 April 2011 (Royal Wedding Day!) 

A day in Prague – a city worth losing yourself in……

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After an almost leisurely lie-in, apart from being woken by the refuse collection, we had a beautiful view across the river Voltava in Prague the perfect way to start a day in this historical and almost fairytale like city.

After much discussion on the days plans we headed out to wander the streets. The city is almost overwhelming in beauty with each building being different to the next. The sculptures and paintings on the houses high above the streets, we learned later in the day was because instead of an address (as at this time few could read and write) it was a way of telling people who lived there. 

The first thing we did was to head up the Bell Tower to see Prague from above and what a view of the worlds largest Cathedral in the distance, and the spires of many churches standing high above the red terracotta roofs. We took a city tour in a beautiful red 1928 Ford Model A 3.5ltr 25bhp 4cyl that did 3 miles to the gallon. The tour weas wonderful lasting almost an hour, the surprise halfway in as we approached the castle, there was a parade of Willys Jeeps and WW2 army American trucks with a couple of Harley motorbikes thrown in. This parade was to mark the freedom or a liberty parade to celebrate the ending of the war for the Americans holding the line. It was great fun as we drove straight into the middle of it. At the same time it was the changing of the guard. 

After the tour we continued to see the city and had a coffee while the famous Astronomical clock struck 12 noon. As we wandered the city it is hard to describe the feeling you get, it is so easy to lose oneself in it.