Brief up to the 12th May 2010.


I have driven over the last couple of weeks from Amsterdam to Cuxhaven in Germany then on to Hirtshals in Denmark was on the 2nd June I got the ferry to Kristiansand (Norway) and started up the west coast. Over the next few days I met some wonderful people in Forde I met Pieter and Renske with their family; they were doing a tour of Norway from the Netherlands. It was a fun night just chatting and playing cards. The next day the 4th was a long day leaving Forde quite late and rolling into Trondheim at just after midnight. The whole town was out as it doesn't get dark and it was a Friday night. 

I had an early start on Saturday the 6th June. I was driving through some amazing parts of Norway the scenery was breath-taking I had never seen anything like it before. I just can't describe my feelings on this route at the time. I was heading for Nadvic and as always there was another ferry crossing. I met a lovely girl on the ferry called Britt who lived in Nadvic. She had also done a lot of travelling around the globe. We got chatting and she offered to show me were to camp. 

I ended up camping outside her house. She was very kind and welcoming, inviting me in cooking me dinner. We stayed up till the early hours sharing stories of travel experiences. 

In the morning I was able to have a shower, but was time to say goodbye to Britt and head NORTH. 

The 6th of June was great as it was the day I passed the Arctic Circle, so I had to stop to take a few photos. 

I carried on until I reached Atla. My first nights camp inside the Arctic Circle! 

It was the the 8th June when I arrived at NORDKAPP!!!! It was an amazing feeling as it’s a big milestone in the expedition! 

I decided to stay 2 nights as it was a fantastic place to be! I spent 48 hours at Nordkapp and seen each day through with all it has to offer! 

The last night was so windy I was a little worried about the tent, but when I woke next morning It was it was still as bad but everything was intact. 

I have never put the tent away in a blizzard until now but hey it was interesting fighting with wind and Snow YES snow!!! 

Everything was packed so I said my goodbyes, including George a Scottish cyclist who I had met the previous day. 

Next stop Finland. 

It’s quite amazing how different the countries are. I was also stopped on the border to Finland and asked if they could search the vehicle...... it was a first for me. 

It has been quite pleasant driving through the country very flat and very straight roads! 

Yesterday I saw the real Santa in Lapland as I was leaving the Arctic Circle. It was a little fun and a must for me! 

Well here I am in Oulu heading south so I will try and do a better job of keeping all of you up to date. 

Thanks for following.