Bray Dunes to Amsterdam 29 May 2010

As I woke on the first day I took a few minutes to think about what on the road ahead. 

It was amazing how the land changed as I crossed the border into Belgium, it became as flat as you like with pleasant roads to drive on. I always try to keep off the main roads. 

I never know really were I'm going just as long as the compass is facing North (for now). 

You never know who you will meet along the way. 

While being on a little detoured I came upon a Unimog who looked like to be going somewhere. We both ended up pulling into a fuel station, while having a chat to the occupants it was revealed that they knew my cousin! In all the places and so soon too. The Unimog team were Adam, Chloe and Sam. They were heading for Amsterdam as was I was Sam lives but after that Adam and Chloe were on the way to South Africa. 

As we were going the same way we went in convoy. 

We arrived just outside the city were we went our own ways. We arranged to meet the following evening for dinner and chat. 

I stayed at a campsite called zeeburg, very friendly people and all sorts of travellers. 

That evening I met a guy called Marcus who was an American working in Germany and in Amsterdam for a weekend. So spent the night with him drinking the lovely beer.